Summer Service Team Leader - Oak Creek

Oversee a group of teens, watch and maintain that they are safe and following team rules.
Participate in physical and other activities that your group is involved in.
Supervise and coordinate daily activates for your group.
Maintain personal contact with families, through daily discussions with parents/guardians.
Promote church meeting and character building programs in the community by discussing TSA programs with those that may not have a church or not in our other programs.
Help and protect all equipment and supplies in the TSA facilities, including vending machines, sports equipment, tables, chairs, etc.
Will be responsible for regular cleaning and maintenance of the TSA facility, and any other building, vehicles, or area used.
Maintain good relationships with all staff.
Maintain close relationships with the Community Center Director to accomplish the vision and mission of The Salvation Army.
Supervision Received:
The Community Center Director will be the direct supervisor for this position.
Must have high school diploma or the equivalent as described by the department of public instruction.
Must be responsible and at least 18 years of age. Must be a good example and role model of those teens that will be in your care during the summer program. Must have a cooperative spirit that will listen and follow through with instructions; as well as, be creative in the programming and social development of your group. Must be willing to participate in All activities, including but not limited to Bible lessons and group service events.
Have a clear understanding of the ministry of The Salvation Army and be willing to support its mission. This includes allowing your work, actions, and dress, to reflect the values and professionalism of The Salvation Army.
Have strong organization skills and the ability to follow through on assignments.
Must be self-motivated.
Report any suspected child abuse or neglect to Child Protective Services.
Complete Safe from Harm training.
Demonstrate a high degree of integrity and confidentiality.

Don't Be Fooled

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